Watch the oa

What is “The OA”?

And why should I Watch it?

“The OA” is a Netflix original series which defied traditional storytelling for two “bonkers” seasons before it was cancelled by Netflix. In a sea of reboots, “The OA” pushed the boundaries beyond anything you’ve ever seen. Prairie Johnson, a blind woman who went missing, is found seven years later— and her sight is back. The how and the why defy all expectations. Experience Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij’s bizarre puzzle today and join the fight to #SaveTheOA.

WHy do you care so much about a tv show?

“The OA” is a sincere work of art in a time of increasing cynicism. Thematically, the show advocates for collective action to impact change. It advocates for accepting others as they are. It’s full of diverse representations that resist exploitative cliches. It pushes the boundaries of storytelling, leaving the audience completely clueless of what is coming next— which is pretty rare when half of the media we’re taking in are reboots and updates.

A hunger strike? really?

As a collective, we don’t condone Emperial Young’s hunger strike and we often check in on her to see if we can help in some way. But we do respect her bodily autonomy and her right to protest through legal channels. If you’re an OA fan considering joining Em on her hunger strike, we strongly urge that you reconsider! Contact us for a good pep talk!

THis show is bad and you are stupid for loving it.

We can’t deny “The OA” isn’t for everyone! Art is subjective, and you need to be willing to suspend your disbelief to reap the rewards that can come with watching “The OA”. If you’re not, that’s okay. We still love it.